Many people will start by going online to look at home plans. This is a good first step because you start to think about how you want your home to live, the flow and relationship of one room to another, and architectural styles that appeal to you. But no floor plan is perfect because each family is unique. And since all plans are copyright protected by the designer, you cannot use one of their plans unless you purchase the plan directly from them.


A custom home offers you the ability to get a home that is perfect for you. When we get together we will talk about what are the important features to include in your home. By talking about your daily routines and your family’s needs, we can create a floor plan that will work in harmony with your lifestyle. Our designer will listen to your concerns and provide helpful and creative solutions so that you will be living in a home built to meet the needs of an ever-changing family.


The home plans below are samples of homes we have designed.  This is to just get you started thinking for our first meeting.


(all plans are copyrighted)