People of integrity and incredible workmanship

Thank you Winfield Customs Homes! We want to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we’ve been doing business with Winfield Custom Homes. Their whole team has been a joy to work with and has cleared up any preconceived ideas we’ve had about building a home.

At first, building a home seemed like a scary notion. Over the years we have heard unpleasant stories of what a home building project can be like. Therefore, deciding to build ourselves came with much caution and careful consideration. But when we sat down with the Winfield team, we knew immediately that our search for a home builder was over. We had faith in them from the very first meeting. And they have proved themselves to be people of integrity and incredible workmanship. Every step of the way has been a delight. Our home, that is close to completion, is so beautiful and such a blessing to us that we can’t give enough thanks to Winfield Custom Homes for their partnership with us. Their dedication to excellence has made it easy for us to recommend them to anyone who is considering building, now it’s even in writing!

– Jim and Cindy S.