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Your Winfield Home will be of better quality for the money than any one else can deliver. This quality will be certified by third party inspectors who will guarantee your home will save you money to heat and cool, be healthier (and more comfortable) for your family, and be better for our planet. The proof will be a warranty that exceeds our industry: a 10-year structural, 2-year mechanical, and a 1-year overall warranty.

Higher Quality

We encourage the use of high performing building products that have been proven to surpass their competitors for quality, warranty, and value. Many have been recognized as the best by independent quality award companies, such as JD Power.

For example, JD Power has rated the top vinyl window to be Simonton, and the best wood/clad window to be Pella. Those are the ones we recommend the most.

Visit the company websites below to search for more information.

  • Simpton
  • Innovations for Living
  • GAF
  • Smartside
  • Timberlake Cabinetry
  • Pella
  • Mastic
  • Floor Quest
  • Silestone

Certified by Focus on Energy/Green Built Home Inspectors

How do you know your Winfield Home is really energy efficient, safer and more comfortable and better for our planet? By having it inspected by a third-party inspector to certify it as such.

The Focus on Energy program is designed to measure how efficient your new home is. It awards an efficiency level for your new Winfield Home, and is similar to the HERS (Home Energy Score) index. Every new home we build has a minimum of 58-63 HERS (a 5 star rating!), which means it is more than 40% more efficient than the Uniform Building Code.

The Green Built Home program takes your home to a higher level. Not only does improve your home's energy efficiency, but it is designed to make your home a safer and more comfortable home in which to live, and be better for our planet. It measures indoor air quality, conservation measures of water, electrical, and gas, and impact on our environment. Every new home we build has a minimum score of 61, and many other green features are available that can boost your score higher.

Visit the company websites below to search for more information.

  • Focus on Energy
  • Green

10-2-1 Year Home Warranty

Every builder in Eastern Wisconsin offers a 1 year warranty. But we are so confident that we build a better home that we offer you a 10-year structural warranty (on qualified loan-bearing components), a 2-year mechanical warranty (plumbing, electrical and HVAC), and a 1-year overall warranty.