More Choices

Winfield Homes encourages you to make all the choices you want for your luxury dream home, and we don't limit you to just three choices like most builders. Every home is designed to focus on the unique design elements that make it truly custom. And our 3D modeling allows you to see how your custom home will look long before we build it.

Unlimited Choices

It's your home. You should get to choose what makes it beautiful. Our Selections Specialist, Jenelle Bruno, is here to make the design process less stressful. While we have an extensive home design center at one of our offices, Jenelle will also accompany you to the supplier show rooms to help you navigate flooring, cabinetry and countertops, plumbing fixtures and more. You'll be able to design a custom home that you truly love.

Women Focused

We appreciate the differences in the way men and women use a home. So, we have developed unique solutions for the needs of today's women. From increased accessible storage and thoughtfully-organized spaces to intimate spaces to unwind or entertain, you know what you want. We're listening.

3D Design

Blueprints can be confusing. Wouldn't you rather just tour each room of your custom home?

We create a 3D model of your home design to allow you to get a realistic idea of how your home will look long before it is built. Our model enables you to fly around the outside of your home. We then take off the roof and you can tour inside each room, see how it feels, and view it from every angle - until you are satisfied with how your home will live.