Winfield Design/Remodel

Every family changes over time. One family is just starting out with babies coming every year or so. Another’s kids are becoming teenagers and they want their own bedrooms or own space to be themselves. Or maybe your children are leaving for college or work, and you finally have the house all to yourself.

If you love your home and location and want to stay put, now is your opportunity to make changes to your home that will really improve the way you want to live…as well as improve the equity of your home for when you sell someday. Well, now you can have the award-winning design and quality of Winfield Homes in your existing home!

Winfield Design/Remodel specializes in new additions, kitchen and bath remodels, and finished basements. These changes all can be accomplished based on the guidelines of the Green Built Home and Wisconsin Energy Star programs. These guidelines ensure your home will be healthier to live in, cost less to heat and cool, and be environmentally responsible.

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