Custom Home Building. A New Way.

Everything starts by listening to you. We build custom homes. A custom home is not defined by its price tag; in fact, a custom home costs no more to build than a comparable model home.

Rather, it is defined by the attention that goes into the design, the quality of thought that takes place before a hammer drives the first nail, and the relationship between the Builder and Client.

We love what we do and it shows in each and every home we build.


In days of old, a client would go to an architect or home design service and after designing the home, put it out to bid by several builders. This "design/bid/build" method resulted in higher costs, conflicts between designer, client and builder, and taking much longer than expected.

The process we use is called "Design/Build." We at Winfield Homes will both design and build your new home to meet your budget, timeline, and give you a great experience through it all.

How it works

There are three phases to the Design/Build Process: The Preliminary Design phase, the Construction Drawings Phase, and Building Phase.

The Preliminary Design phase
We will meet together to develop a deep understanding of who you are, how you live, what you want, and how much you need the project to cost. Two weeks later, I will present a preliminary design of your home: drawings, a 3D digital model, and an estimate of costs.

Cost: Free     Obligation: None

Think of this phase like "test driving" a car. You will find out if we are the right homebuilder for you. If you feel you can trust us with your new home, and that we have captured what you want in our design, and that we can deliver more home and service for the money, you can feel confident to select Winfield Homes.

The Construction Drawings phase
Upon selecting us, we will make multiple changes to the design, specifications, and budget at your request. These will culminate in a complete set of construction drawings, Included will be a Guaranteed Price Contract where you have the assurance that there will be no cost overruns or surprises.

Cost: Free (provided you build within 12 months. If later, $1,000 for the design work)

The Building Phase
We give you a Winfield Homes app for your smart phone, a user name and password for our website, and you have 24/7 access to us throughout the building phase. See more by clicking here: "Homeowner Login."

The Research

Research conducted demonstrates the design/build process generates significant cost savings over the design/bid/build method. Knowing construction costs is one of the most important tools of design. Design/Build can design a home to meet a budget.

Independent designers inability to forecast costs results in projects coming in over budget. Clients are forced to either spend more or revise the design, taking more time than necessary. While this method results in knowing what is the lowest price of that design, you never know whether it could have been designed to cost less overall…from the beginning.

Finally, research shows higher customer satisfaction and reduced stress during building because the design/builder takes on the single source of responsibility for the project. Rather than the typical designer/builder/client conflict and finger-pointing, the design/builder takes on all the responsibility, praise or blame.