Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you build with Winfield Homes, you will receive our Buyer’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

In today's current market, building a new home seems scarier than ever. Some sit on the sideline hoping to catch the bottom of the new construction cycle and these buyers are missing out on great values in homes. Construction costs have come down quite a bit over the last year, and many developers have been discounting their lots to get a sale.

This really is the BEST time to build a new home -- and yet buyers are worried: "Will I really love the home I want to build; will it be a good value in this uncertain market?"

If you build with Winfield Homes, you can consider yourself protected. As one of our clients, you will receive our Buyer's Satisfaction Guarantee. Here is how it works:

If you’ve moved into your new home and you find you’re NOT HAPPY with your home—for any reason—we provide a higher measure of accountability than the typical homebuilder. As such, we’ll actually step up and SELL YOUR HOME FOR FREE!

What do we mean by free? Winfield Homes will list your home for sale, and conduct a thorough and state-of-the-art marketing campaign, and when it sells, you will not pay us one cent in commissions. You will only be responsible to pay the REALTOR who brings the buyer a 3.5% commission.

If you are interested in getting more information on this Guarantee, click here to go to the 'Contact Us' section and request this information in the remarks section.